Start-up Consultation
Start-up Consultation


We are Business startups consultants to help with the early steps of an enterprise. Till date, we had opened multiple franchise business which is running very good stage To help organizations and people who are behind so many startup businesses, consultants offer unique expertise that blends diverse entrepreneurial experience, real business insight, and practical solutions. 

  • FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT We provide proper training of management of finance, audits, money chain strategies, cash flows for the new entrepreneurs to understand the trade better.
  • A SETTING-UP The franchisee will be provided with full-support while setting-up the project – including the architecture, interior designing and other designing concepts of the Project.
  • TRAINING & SUPPORT A full-fledged training program in all areas is provided to all our franchisees. This will include operations, sales, marketing management, HR support and more.
  • MARKETING GUIDANCE Not only this, even after you’re fully established – our core sales and marketing team keeps-on visiting you to provide core marketing solutions, in order to achieve set targets
  • VENDOR SOURCING Our years of expertise also lies in choosing the best vendors for every material needed in your premises. So, don’t worry as we’ll be always happy to help you with the best products at reasonable prices!
  • MANPOWER MANAGEMENT Our staff proudly associates with us for several years – in fact, some are with us for over 05 years. Our in-house academy keeps providing us with expert staff every month which we keep employing. Besides this, we also refer our students to our franchise owners.
  • FREQUENT SHOOTS As trends keep on changing every season – we adorn our models and organize shoots to let our staff and franchisee staff stay updated about the latest trends using albums
  • INNOVATIVE APPROACH We believe in implementing an innovative approach to all our marketing strategies. We train our franchisees for the same to increase our sales horizons.
  • CRM Our helpline contact numbers enable us to take appointments and solve all the queries of our clients in the shortest time possible. We hand-over area-specific queries and appointments to our franchise owners too, in order to increase their sales
  • PROCUREMENT All procurement is handled by the franchisers to ensure standardization of material and services and consistency in the delivery of services. Products for delivery are also provided by the franchiser.
  • INTERNAL AUDIT We keep on organizing an internal inspection with the help of our own staff. This helps us to analyze the shortcomings in our services and enables us to work accordingly.
  • CELEB-INTERACTION Not only Bollywood but Academy has also been getting the encounters with Hollywood celebs too.
  • MANAGEMENT We understand your passion for managing a store and try to make it your expertise. For this, we train you with every tits-and-bits of the trade to manage your venture in the best way possible.

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