November 24, 2017

Restaurant Cooking Positions

Restaurant Cooking Positions Hiring for in Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Patiala Salaries as per experience & Knowledge of work. Fresher can also Apply

2 (Nos) Executive Chef: This is the head chef. He is the guy (or girl) who creates the specials, orders the foods, and works as the general manager of the kitchen.

3 (Nos) Sous Chef:- The executive chef’s assistant and next in charge is a sous chef.

5 (Nos) Expeditor:- An expediter is a person in charge of organizing orders by the table and garnishing the dishes before the server takes them out to the dining room.

2 (Nos) Line Cook:- The most common title in the kitchen is that of line cook. A line cook simply refers to a cook who is in charge of a particular station in the kitchen.

5 (Nos) Sauté Chef– This person is in charge of anything cooked in a sauté pan. Usually, it is the best cook on staff, behind the executive chef and sous chef.

2 (Nos) Grill Cook– This person takes care of all of the items on the char-grill or flattop grill, such as meats, chicken and fish.

1 (Nos) Fry Cook– This entry-level position in the kitchen is in charge of anything that needs to be deep-fried. French fries, chicken fingers, onion rings, all fall to this individual.

5 (Nos) Dessert Chef– The person who is a charge of desserts.

5 (Nos) Pastry Chef– This individual is in charge of making all the baked goods, such as bread and desserts.

2 (Nos) Salad Chef– If a restaurant goes through a lot of salads or other cold menu items, they may keep a salad chef on hand.

10 (Nos) Caller– The caller calls the incoming orders to the cooks. He (or she) tells the rest of the kitchen staff what they should be working on. Often times the executive chef will act as caller during the dinner rush. A caller needs to be quick-witted and organized.

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