How to book an artist for your next event or party for your big day. Your all question is solved now by Hospo24 which brings best-talented Artist of Beauty industry for your next big day. Now you can choose and compare the Artist the price and work done by them.

Who can get benefitted from Hospo24 service of Artist management?

  • Salon Owners & Studio Owners with A+ category Salon or Studio.
  • Freelancer Makeup Artist or Hairstylist, Photographer, Model or Blogger.
  • Students who are searching for an Internship or Job


If you are an Artist We give you an option that you can register your work Profile with us on our website where your profile will be listed permanently with one-time registration.

What are the benefits of listing your profile with us?

  1. You can get Freelance projects or work in the future with promotional Services of Our company which is a regular activity on the Internet.
  2. If you want to go with a permanent Job We can recommend you with our permanent clients who are looking for a better employee for their studios.
  3. Time to Time You can get awarded for Your services by celebrities in Future for Special Achievements and Profile Promotions.
  4. You can be part of Our trainer’s teams were lots of events arranged through our company.
  5. Your project and training course material will be listed on your profile. where you can get good students also for your work.


If you are a student or Job seekers from hospitality or beauty & Wellness Sector then hospo24 is your best partner. Where you can list your profile with us for permanent. So in the future, our clients can search you through our link and you can get an interview call from our clients. Hospo24 is One and the only Agency which provides Salon & Hotel Professional and maintain the profile of Artist or Trainers. i.e. Salon Manager, Makeup Artist, Hairstylist, Beautician, Hotel Chef, Fashion Designers, Models, Bloggers.


If you are an Academy owner You can sell your courses with listing on our website Enquiries generated through our website will be automatically forwarded to you on your profile where you can contact the prospectus and make them your Students. One time register your courses can give you a benefit of Lifetime. Our company is regularly promoting courses of academies which are provided by different Freelancer Artist and Institutes. We already associated with more than 1000 Academies in North India. Our main focus is selling courses to Prospectus and audience. A little investment can convert your sale double. Our counselor team regularly providing best counseling to students and we increase the business of academies and freelancer trainers.