Top Chinese e-commerce platform Shein has shut down partially and is refunding money to consumers following a crackdown by Mumbai Customs and backlash on Chinese online retail in India that has become popular with Indian buyers. 

“Major items on Shein is imported in bulk and then dispatched. Due to customs clearance issue for import, there is no certain release date till now. To protect your interest we will cancel the order & arrange refund at the earliest,” read a message to. 

“While Shein’s operations have been majorly affected due to bulk imports, other players such as Club Factory have already reduced their dependence on their own imports and instead of attempting a marketplace model,” said a person aware of the development. 

Some Chinese players like AliExpress have also on-boarded third party Indian sellers on their platforms in order to be compliant. AliExpress did not respond to specific queries about the impact on its operations and its model. 

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