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What is Salon Manager Job in Salon

What is Salon Manager Job in Salon

The salon Manager Manager helps run our salon and coordinate day-to-day activities. Hair Salon Manager’s responsibilities include recommending discounts, maintaining updated records of expenses and revenues, promoting our business on social media and managing hairstylists’ shifts. To be successful in this role, you should be interested in beauty trends and familiar with hair salon operations.

Ultimately, you will help us build a profitable hair salon business that offers quality customer service experience.

Beauty Salon Manager responsibilities include supervising staff, scheduling shifts, promoting services and keeping updated records of expenses and revenues. If you are familiar with beauty treatments and have excellent organizational abilities.

As a Beauty Salon Manager have lots of jobs have to perform but we had to define jobs as per the category that what they have to perform according to our experience and studies.

    • Educate clients about beauty service offering & product line available for Retail purchase
    • Maintain and constantly review client service standards
    • Resolve clients’ concerns or complaints and provide the optimum solution to satisfy them
    • Inspire, Guide, Train & Develop staff members
    • Inform salon employees about a new product, training, company policies + promotions, management’S feedback, etc
    • Staff grievance handling, a Performance review of staff, monthly/weekly meetings
    • Completing the joining formalities of all new join employees
    • Ensure salon cleanliness & maintenance.
    • Ensure that facilities & equipment are maintained according to company standards
    • Report & document any observed or known Safety, Hazards, Conditions or unsafe practices & procedures to management immediately
    • Maintain inventory level & accountability system for retail & bulk products
    • Manage & assembling of displays for profitable marketing & merchandising
    • Complete opening and closing cash handling procedures, to include, banking and doing deposits each day
    • Maintain relationships with vendors very well.
    • Your maintenance with vendors should be very good so that easily & timely you can avail service.
    • Getting Manpower service through an agency is very important.
    • Getting products from vendors.
    • Post Graduate/ Graduate / Diploma in Management/ CRM/ Hospitality
    • Must currently be a Manager and spent at least 2 To 4 Years of experience in retail
    • Must be a good people Manager and possess analytical skills
    • Duty Time of Salon Manager is Normally 10.00 am to 8.00 pm
    • Saturday Sunday Never Off, Only Tuesday as per Indian culture few Salon closed

What are the Salary & Wages for Salon Manager

  • Normally salary and wages in the salon are depended upon level and quality of work.
  • First, attend your interview with salon owner then salary can be negotiable.
  • Sales target are included in your jobs. So product incentives depend upon your work.

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